A lot of you should know that i contantly dye my hair! So typically its dead. Recently i dyed my hair a dark blue and hated it! I tried everything to fade it, from the whole “vitamit C + anti-dandruff” concoction. Even the baking soda “trick” BUT GUYS PLEASE NEVER do the baking soda. A lot of people never mention how bad it makes your hair. 

Baking soda will take up all of your natural oils and leave your hair feeling like dry dirt & hay. Basically im here to let you all know that I created my own mask to go from the hay I hated to better feeling hair! 

Yesterday I couldn’t even run my hands through my hair. 

Today after my DIY mask i can finally go to sleep happier!

Note this will not fully make it as soft as it was before in one use! Obviously it will take probably a few tries to get soft hair like you did before any bleaching or dying. 

Disclaimer: i mixed my mask with a Loreal Product for treatment (It is in a yellow tub)

You will need:

  • An avocado 
  • One egg
  • 1 tbs of coconut oil (or more if you’d like) 
  • A whole gunk load of Mayonnaise! I eyeballed it but safe to say you can do as much as you want. I put in about a cup for effectiveness!
  • 1 tbs vitamin C powder

You will have to blend this up to a creamy consistency!

Next, put it in your dampened hair! leave it in your hair for about an hour, I left it in my hour for 2+ hours to actually make sure it thoroughly worked!

I took a shower and washed it out, then left conditioning in it for about 5 minutes for extra softness.

I wanted my hair to come out as soft as possible in one wash!

Then i let my hair air dry. I wasnt sure when i first started brushing my hair out but as it dried i felt it had its natural oils back from the baking soda and a softer feel. I will have to do it a few more times for a better repair but this has helped me out a lot! I totally recommend this if you guys have damaged hair or want a better soft feeling to your hair!

Thank you guys and i hope this helped!